Steenbergen 24 Hour

May 10 & 11 2014

10th edition of ultrarun Steenbergen.

After the successful World and European championships hosted in Steenbergen in 2013. We are preparing our 10th anniversary of ultrarunning in Steenbergen. It all started in 2005 with a 6 hour run. In 2008 we organised the first 24h. In all the editions a lot of great performances were set. With the WR 24H road by Mami Kudo in 2013 as the highlight.

The 6 hour race is back on the schedule in 2014. In this edition we will celebrate our 10th anniversary with a 10 mile race on Saterday.

In 2014 the IAU granted the GOLD label to the 24h race and the silver label to the 6h race. This year the 24h will be the national championships of the Netherlands. 

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See you at May 10 & 11 2014 in Steenbergen

Latest updates

24-2-2014 22:51

23-2-2014 23:46
Our 24h race will have the gold IAU label in 2014 thanks to all the great performances in the recent editions!!

For the 6hour race we received a silver label!


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