General Information


On May 13 2018, Diomedon will organise an ultra run in the south-west of the Netherlands, in a town called Steenbergen. This 14th edition will contain a 12, 6 and 1 hour race plus a Marathon. The ultra and Marathon races will be part of the Marathon & Ultracup 2018. The 12, 6hour and Marathon can also be joined as a team.


Sunday May 13 

9:00: Start 12H

10:00: Start marathon

15:00u: Start 6H

16:00u: Start kids run

17:00u: Start 1H

18:00u: Finish 1H

21:00u: Finish 6H, 12H

Day of the race

Pickup race number and chip Saturday May 6 from 7:00 till 15minutes before the start for the 12H race. For other races pickup is open from 1.5h to the start. Location: 't Cromwiel (Krommeweg 1, Steenbergen). 

Parking: signs will lead you to parking spots.

Refreshment: het is possible to use a motorized vehicule as your refreshment base. However keep in mind the vehicles are not allowed to leave the zone before the end of the race for the safety of the athletes.


12 Hour race

Single € 50,-
Teams € 100,- (a relay team contains max. 4 athletes)

6 Hour race

Single € 40,-
Teams € 75,- (a relay team contains max. 4 athletes)


Single € 25,-
Teams € 40,- (a relay team contains max. 4 athletes)

1 Hour race

Single € 7,50 (+€ 5,- deposit championchip)


For registration after the pre registration date one month upfront the race we will charge an additional € 2,50 for registrations on the day of the race we will charge € 5,- extra. 

Cancellation policy:
till 1 month before the race = 100% payback
till 2 weeks before the race = 50% payback

Pre registration will close the 13th of April 2018. It is possible to register until 15min before the start of the race. 

When you don't have a Champion Chip, you can buy a Green ChampionChip for €4,- when you use an already owned green chip we will charge the default usage fee of €1,25. Owners of a yellow chip won't be charged.

When you buy a green chip you will be the owner of this chip after the race. With a green chip you pay a small fee per race of €1,25.

For Chip numbers which are unknown for us at the 29th of April we will reserve a green chip. If you would like to buy a yellow chip please inform us via mail.

Bank account:

Payment participation and chip on account: NL08 RABO 0136931804 Ultraloop Steenbergen.

For payment from outside Holland:
IBAN: NL08 RABO 0136931804

Note: participants living outside the European Union can pay on the day of the race.


Every lap a refreshment desk is provided by the organization. Participants do have the possibility to set up their own refreshment desk in the refreshment zone. Refreshment is not allowed outside the refreshment zone. 

At the care point there will be available: tea; cola; bananas; water; sport drinks; etc.

Dressing room and shower will be available in Sport centre 't Cromwiel which is located at Start / Finish. Toilets will be located on several locations next to the course.

Massage during and after the match in sport centre 't Cromwiel (free of charge)

Prizes & Memories

For each participant:
- Certificate (difital)
- Results available via website
- Memory

Price winning schema:

  Men Women
1st € 150,- € 150,-
2nd € 75,- € 75,-
3rd € 50,- € 50,-

  Men Women
1st  € 150,- € 150,-
2nd € 75,-** € 75,-**
3rd € 50,-** € 50,-**

  Men Women
1st  € 75,- € 75,-
2nd € 50,-** € 50,-**
3rd € 40,-** € 40,-**

**) Price winning money for the number 2 and 3 in the Marathon and 12H is granted when a minimal number of participants joins the race. Second place price money requires 5 men or 3 women. Third place price money requires 10 men or 5 women.

For improving the world record men or women at the 12 or 6 hours, a bonus of € 1000, - will be granted.

For improving the individual track records for the 12H, Marathon or 6H a bonus of € 100,- will be granted. 

Contact Information

E-mail:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Telefoon: +31 167 54 06 66  (t.a.v. Peter Suijkerbuijk)


Registration for the race:
Please use the form on our website. See "Register" in the top menu.

Route description:

Steenbergen is located around 40km from Antwerp (b) and 40km from Rotterdam.

As from the direction Rotterdam: follow A29 to Dinteloord. Afterwards N259 follow until Steenbergen and beyond 1st the roundabout the junction takes Welberg. Afterwards to the right (Wipstraat) after 200meter at the right!

As from the direction Antwerp/Bergen op Zoom: N259 the direction follows Steenbergen. At 1st the roundabout left direction Steenbergen. After approximately 1 kilometre (after Tamoil-gas station) to the right (Molenweg). At the end of the Molenweg left and directly right!